We specialize in offering creative and effective HR solutions to meet the unmet demands of dynamic businesses. Whether it’s short-term assignments, long-term talent solutions, or other workplace management initiatives, these solutions work. Among the services we provide are:


1. HR Systems / Policies optimization


We create HR systems, policies & procedures from scratch and we help you enhance the effectiveness of your current systems & processes to scalable, sustainable and world-class practices in the following categories:


      Organization Structure

  • Organogram
  • Job Descriptions
  • Role Titles / Role Banding


  • Process Planning
  • Offer letter formats
  • Appointment letter formats
  • Joining Kit
  • Induction Process
  • Induction Kit
  • Exit Interview Formats


  • Compensation Structure Creation
  • Increment and Promotion Process Creation

         Policy Manual Creation

  • Crucial Conversations
  • Drafting the Policy Manual

         Performance Appraisal

  • Drafting the process
  • Creating a Template for Appraisal/ Reviews
  • Creating formats for Personal Development Plan

         Training & Development

  • Designing a T&D process

         Employee Communication

  • Co-creating a communication strategy
  • Draft formats of communication
  • Fun at workplace initiatives


2. HR operations advisory Services


Our HR Operations Advisory Services include HR advice and assistance to support small to medium business navigate and grow their workforce of the future.


The right HR support is critical to ensuring engaged, healthy and informed employees. Having a safe, happy and motivated workforce is proven to drive greater productivity in any business. It is also essential to minimize the risks associated with employing people.

HR Operations Advisory provides you with HR expertise, on demand.


3. HR Audits for enhanced organizational effectiveness


Our Human Resource Audit provides a comprehensive method of objective and systematic verification of:


Current practices




Policies and procedures prevalent in the HR system of the organization